Welcome to Sloan's Knives, thanks for visiting. Please browse the site and check out our quality handmade products. Feel free to contact us through our contact page for any additional information.

All of our products are handmade from quality materials. All my blades are forged, any damascus is of my own making. I use nothing but high carbon steel. My main carbon steels are W2, 1084, 5160, and 1095. My damascus consists of 1084, 15N20, W2, 1095, 1080, and some pure nickel. I can use any and all combinations of these for my damascus. Guards and fittings are 4/16 stainless or nickel silver. I prefer to use all natural handle materials, but my personal preference is highly figured burled woods, but upon customer request I will use other materials such as Mammoth Ivory, Micarta or Stag.

I make a variety of knives such as large Bowies, fighters, all the way to small hunting knives.